About Us

GlobeScene Messenger was a dream whereby users from across the world could come together in peace to chat, play music and any other activities desired. The dream started when the founder of GlobeScene promised a close family member before passing that he would work towards this goal no matter the cost.

In the loving memory of the close family member the founder of GlobeScene kept his promise and with the help of many of his friends and family produced two amazing products.

GlobeScene servers are in the United States and have many links to other countries across the world.
  • CEO : AdminQ (UK)
  • Program Admin : AdminM (USA)
  • Program Admin : AdminP (UK)
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful staff and users who visit GlobeScene regularly and welcome those new users to our family.

For more information on GlobeScene Messenger please contact one of our members of staff  who are in either red or purple.
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